” MIX-1″ raw blend of beef meat,by-products and vegetables


IngredientPercentages (%)
Beed trachea, gullet30
Beef hearts9
Beef trimmings MQ30
Turkey bone paste6
Butternut squash10
Rice (uncooked)5

Minced: Ø 10-12 mm


“Raw MIX-1 is a balanced and nutritious dog food mix that is made with high quality ingredients.

It includes 30% beef trachea and gullet, 9% beef  hearts, 30% beef  trimmings MQ, 6% turkey bone paste, 4% carrots, 10% butternut squash and coocked rice(5% in uncooked form)

This mixture is minced to a size of 10-12 mm for easier digestion.

It is the perfect choice for those looking for a natural and healthy food for their pets.

Weight1 kg


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